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 Not The Same musical group is made up of four members. The leader and lead vocalist is Andy Murray aged 45. He founded the musical group after he broke away from a popular rock group because according to him he was not finding any fulfillment. Other members of the team include Anna Revere who is aged 38. She plays keyboard and electric guitars. Then there is Mike Douglas, 37 who plays bass drums and percussions while little Terry as Terry Ronaldson is called plays the drums. Terry is aged 34 years.  

The group has recently announced their intention to intensify their campaign to promote reverse mortgage information by organizing large concerts for seniors. These events will be open to the older audience for free. The events hopefully would be sponsored by mortgage companies, financial institutions and other stake holders. This way the group plans to reach a wider audience with reverse mortgage information. The group is planning about 4 of such large events to be spread across the country. The plans for the events are already underway and the events are scheduled to take place within the first 3 months of 2009. 

Not The Same musical group has announced that they would also be using the free events to promote their soon to be released album. Already 2 singles from the upcoming album has been released and they are already making waves in their target market. The two singles are “Why Daddy Why” and “Wise Mama Stella”. Wise Mama Stella has proved to be more popular with the older folks and is a favorite at most reverse mortgage seminars and parties for older seniors. 

The upcoming album is scheduled to be released in the first week of January and has 7 tracks. The songs as usual are based on reverse mortgages and they tell about the advantages of reverse mortgages, requirements and also some important factors to be aware of.  

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