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Paper Reviews  of our Reverse Mortgage Band

Not The Same is a unique musical band with a difference. Made up by 4 band members with the oldest 45 and the youngest aged 34 they songs are all directed towards the older audience. Stirred by a desire to promote reverse mortgage information their songs contains lyrics telling seniors about the advantages of taking up reverse mortgages and living more comfortable lives. The group regularly tours the country performing for seniors. Their activities have earned them some reviews from local newspapers. Here are some of such reviews. 

Not The Same musical group has a unique name, unique target audience and certainly unique talents. The groups is becoming more famous with their style of music targeted mainly at the older audience group with lyrics of their songs primary based on promoting reverse mortgages. Not a regular group no doubt, but doing a great job entertaining and promoting needed information.
Music Monthly- regional music magazine in California 

That music is a powerful tool of disseminating information is clearly seen in the songs of Not The Same musical band. Their lyrics which promote reverse mortgages not only entertain but inform. No wonder they are fast becoming a regular feature of reverse mortgage seminars and related parties for seniors.
Finance Matters Weekly- New Hampshire 

I happened to be at a reverse mortgage seminar recently to cover the event and was amazed by the artistic musical performers of Not The Same musical band. With lively slow beats and witty lyrics they entertained and at the same time educated people on reverse mortgage loans. It was so impressive. Kudos-
- Editor, Princeton News, Tennessee  

Not The Same musical group is one with a difference. It is amazing to see a musical group so dedicated in their passion of helping the older citizens by entertaining and informing them. With their talent they would have made it big it regular music. They do deserve commendation. Nice work!
- Georgia In Perspective


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