The One and Only Reverse Mortgage Band


Upcoming Reverse Mortgage Shows  

“Not The Same” is a musical group with a difference. This musical group caters mainly to senior audience of the population. Their style of music includes a bit of pop, rock and even country. With comical lyrics and lively slow beats they thrill their older audience. Their lyrics are mainly based on reverse mortgages which are a unique kind of loans designed to benefit senior citizens above 62 years of age. Not The same music band perform in parties for seniors and reverse mortgage seminars. Below is a list of their upcoming shows. 

Nov 23rd. Not the same will be performing in a reverse mortgage seminar organized by the Association of Reverse Mortgage Practitioners in California. The seminar is part of activities to mark the end of the year. The event will take place at the Coliseum, Arvin, California.  

Dec 3rd. Not The Same will be performing in a private party organized by a beneficiary of a reverse mortgage. The party is to commemorate the birthday of a 68 year old man. Not The Same is expected to thrill the friends and well wishers of the celebrant. The party will be held at the Doubly Hotel, Princeton, New Jersey.  

Dec 5th, Not The Same will be at the Swans Place, in Tennessee to perform for a end of the year party organized by the Prolific Club. The prolific is an exclusive male club for seniors above 60 years. The party will feature another musical performance although Not The Same musical band is scheduled to be the main act of the night.  

Dec 23rd will be the official last performance of the music band for the year. It will be at the gardens of the Royal Gardens Hotel. The event is a grand party hosted by the Female Mortgage Practitioners for their members, beneficiaries of reverse mortgage loans and older members of the public. It is part of the association’s end of year activities.

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