The One and Only Reverse Mortgage Band


Welcome to the official website of the reverse mortgage music band, Not The Same. Not The Same music band is dedicated to spreading reverse mortgage information via their songs. Our lyrics are based on reverse mortgage loans.  

The group was formed not only to entertain but to alert people on the benefits of reverse mortgages. Reverse mortgages are special mortgage loans that are specifically designed to benefit senior citizens who are above 62 years. Senior citizens who are above 62 years and who own and reside in their home can benefit take advantage of reverse mortgage loans. 

With such loans home repair costs, medical costs and even vacation costs can be better met. Many senior citizens have gone through financial crises because they took a regular loan and could not meet up with the bills and the cost after their retirement. With a reverse mortgage loan you do not need to experience all that. You do not even risk the loss of your home. The benefits derivable from reverse mortgages are the driving force inspiring the Not The Same musical group.  

The Not The Same Group will be more than happy to help your educate your audience of reverse mortgages and so will be happy to perform at your scheduled parties for seniors, whether private or public as well as at reverse mortgage seminars. You can check up the list of events where Not The Same musical band is scheduled to perform on the Up Coming Events page.  

Our soon to be released album is scheduled to be out on the first week of January. The first two singles have already been released. You can check out the lyrics of our popular new single “Wise Mama Stella” on the lyrics page of this website. 

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